All-State Selections

October 2017

This weekend 15 band students auditioned to be a part of the Iowa All-State Band, which is a 270 piece ensemble compromised of students from across the State of Iowa.  All students had great auditions and their growth throughout the process was incredible.

This year two band students were selected:  Senior, Elizabeth Moon on clarinet and sophomore, Shannon Morgan on trombone.  Congrats to both Elizabeth and Shannon!  They will perform at the All-State Music Festival on November 18th, at Iowa State University.

There were also some band members that were selected to the All-State Choir--congratulations to Riley Walton (bass) and Emily Hanish (soprano) on making the 600 piece All-State Choir.  Ally Olson also got recalled for the choir.

October 2014

CONGRATULATIONS to the Jefferson Band students for their preparation and participation in the auditions for the All-State Music Festival on Saturday at West Delaware High School in Manchester.

Makayla Kaune, flute, Lauren Brown, clarinet, and Alyanna Subayno, clarinet, were accepted to the All-State Band.

Marisa Willenborg, clarinet, and Tommy Waltmann, trumpet, were selected as 1st Alternates for the Band.

Hailey Everhart, flute, and Kylie Jonas, tuba, were Recalled in the audition process.

Thank you to the following students for their hard work and preparation in the audition process:
Maddie Barmore, flute; Alec DeCapria, oboe; Emily Barmore, oboe; Hannah Barmore, oboe; Carolyn Driskell, clarinet; Erica Barlow, clarinet; Jack Richardson, saxophone; Cameron Cox, saxophone; Elizabeth Thompson, saxophone; Christopher Haring, saxophone; Justin Pugesek, trumpet; Noelle McPhail, trumpet; Alivia Severson, trumpet; and Sydney Barlow, horn.

October 2013

CONGRATULATIONS to the following Jefferson Band students for being selected to the 2013 Iowa All-State Band:
          Trey Hill, baritone saxophone
          Emily Jonas, trombone
          Kylie Jonas, tuba
          Marisa Willenborg, Bb clarinet

Selected as an alternate was Alyanna Subyano, Bb clarinet, and special mention to Lauren Brown, Bb clarinet, for being recalled to the second round of auditions.

Congratulations to all of the Jefferson band students.  Each of you has grown significantly as musicians through the preparation, practice, and audition of the All-State process.  Continue the great work!

October 2012 Thank you to all of the students that participated in the All-State process. 
  Congratulations go to Trey Hill (junior) on baritone saxophone, Kylie Jonas (sophomore) on tuba, and Marisa Willenborg (freshman) on clarinet for being recalled and selected as 1st Alternates to the All-State Band.
  Thank you to the following students that committed, prepared, and followed through on the audition process:
flute - Jacki Willenborg, Makayla Kaune, Breanne Settlage, Aaron Jencks
clarinet - Erica Barlow, Lauren Brown, Alyanna Subyano
horn - Cora Lassen
bass clarinet - Savannah Phillips
oboe - Alex McPhail
bassoon - Amy Reinert
alto saxophone - Logan Graham, David Frey
trumpet - Connor Luedtke, Justin Pugesek, Tommy Waltmann, Emma Edelen, Andrew Haring
trombone - Emily Jonas
percussion - Lukas Anderson
  We have heard strong growth in tone, technique, and musicianship from these students through group sessions at Jefferson, private study, and individual practice.

Thad Driskell


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