2017-2018 Student Officers & Section Leaders

Marching Band Section Leaders
Drum Majors Kaitlyn Bilsland, Haley Varo, Caroline Winter
Flute Acelyn Damisch
Clarinet Sydney Barnhart, Carolyn Driskell, and Elizabeth Moon
Saxophone Hannah Barmore, Zeke Hillius, and Morgan Settlage
Trumpet Kyle Cortez, Kaitlyn Lutsch, and Caden Wortman
Mellophone Syndey Barlow
Trombone Ford Loskill and Shannon Morgan
Baritone Jimmy Driskell and Koy Ortega
Sousaphone Jacob Fultz and Alex Nelson
Percussion Garrett Bennick, Billy Haut, and Robbie Larson
Front Line Jaecylyn Bendixen
Color Guard Captain Kaitlyn Reed and Sherry Sir


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